VLOG: What Can This Hardscape Contractor Do To Get More Business From Their Website.

They’ve done well with content marketing for a contractor, but there are few things they could improve on the site!  In this video I discuss someways the site can be improved, and some SEO fixes which will leverage their content marketing efforts!


Full Transcript:


Alright I want to take a few minutes to review your websites, based on what you asked. I think you got a really good website and a lot of momentum going with it.  Something that a lot of other contractors don’t add and we’ll like to add and I think it’s important that you cultivate that and build on it, you’ve got a lot of opportunity there that you probably didn’t realize.


So, you’ve had it for ten years now since 2013, it has really started growing, grown a lot, it’s got a lot of authority content which I see and has a result good and then people spend a lot of time reading the website.  They read it, and then you say you live far from your servicer which I got to say is a contract that is difficult.  I couldn’t imagine having any of my guys doing more than two hours from the office, but if it works for you and you need the money, power to you on that.  So, you have some local SEO and a good portion of garden sculpture, garden sculptures are cool by the way.  Optimizing for your local area, let me give you some tip on optimizing for your local area, but not a whole lot, there’s couple other things that I think you should kind a know about.

So, first thing with your website, I kind of clumped in with this tool called SEMrush, to see how much traffic you get which is what interesting to me, cause a lot of contracted website get nearly zero or just a few people.  You go into SEMrush you do this and it gives you an estimate, down here, are there any traffic, that’s the last two years but if you go back to all time, you could see you’re not getting nothing and somewhere around here it’s started taking off towards getting reasonable.  They are not exact numbers obviously, it just an estimate it’s a rather low estimate, based on what the assume formula does in experience and you probably getting five to ten times this amount of traffic.  And I went back to a website and I searched, I looked at the source end of it and I noticed you did not have any google analytics tracking code in here, which is kind of shocking, because nearly everyone uses google analytics if not google analytics tracker website and track the users, or readers or browsers whatever you want to call them, their traffic.  Any they might use that or other program, but you didn’t google analytics in here so, I don’t even know if you realize how traffic your website is getting.  The amount of traffic that SEMrush is show you here, you’re getting quite a bit, and it not accurate, it’s an estimate but like I said you’re probably getting five or ten times actual traffic of what this is.  So, I think that you’re really not getting the most from your website.  You should be able to get enough leads at least a dozen or more a week, say a dozen a week, my website was getting about this much traffic it was getting a dozen a day, at least a on slow days, so you should be able tons of leads, dozens of leads from this website.  And I don’t even know if you are, but it doesn’t seem like it, I could be wrong.  It doesn’t seem like you are, I’m sure you are getting a ton of work and a ton of business from it but not a ton like you could, but if you really had this website optimized and kicking.


So, when I logged on the first thing looked is, am I at your home page?  I don’t particularly understand that you are a service provider, you got a phone number here but then as I scrolling down, is this some guys blog, is this DIY wall, is this hobby wall?  I don’t really get the feeling that anything is really been sold, that I can contact you for some services.  I mean you got something up here, consultation services but you really need to encourage the people to contact you, and you got your phone number here, but I know for a fact that most people are not landing on the home page they are probably landing on one of your blog post.  Like this, probably landing on one of your blog post like that.  Now if someone lands on this blog post there is not phone number or anything that prompts them to contact you, so I really think you got to have a phone number and a get estimate button right up here at the top.  I’ll tell you, on my website which is gulfcoastaluminum.com, on my company website, over half of the traffic that converts to either calls one of these phone numbers and these phone numbers are being tracked or people can come to our online estimates page and get an estimate.  Over half of those people only view one page, and most of those are going to be calling.  So, over half of the people are calling just view one page on our website, so if there are just landing on one page of your website and they don’t see a phone number, how are they going to call you?  So, you got to get the phone number up here and definitely the online estimates button, number one and then the home page, shape it out so it looks like you’re a service business, cause here you still just kind a fall like a DIY blog and it’s very and it’s great to have the DIY blog, it awesome I do a lot of blogging on my own.  I think it’s one of the most cost effective for sure marketing method you can ever have.  But for your home page it shouldn’t look like such a blog it should be very clear that you are a service business and you want to sell something, whether you have a jacket to sell or you have something to sell.  I think when most people they don’t realize you offer a service and that kind a slowing down the amount of conversions your website is getting.


The other thing I really want to mention, since you were talking in this forum right here, you were talking about hiring a company or something and I kind a mention redoing the home page.  If you do that you want to make sure the url structure and the content remains the same.  Don’t hire a company that’s going to tell you I’ll build you a whole new website, no, it’s got to be done on the same framework   It’s going to be worded across website of course and you also have to leave these urls the same.  This url is still the same unless you do a proper redirect, the easiest method is using the same, same thing with the content and the pictures on the page.  And it is really time consuming for the web developers to do that and many of them can’t pull that off properly, direct.  I’ve done it myself for this website it’s gone through several other editions of websites or variations.  And leaving the content the same and the same url instructions and the same content on the page is rather difficult to do, so whoever you hire make sure they are cut out to do that.


The other thing, you were talking about getting more SEO and local optimization, what you need to make sure of number one you have phone numbers for all the area you are trying to target, I think that having an area code that matches the area would be reflective of the area you trying to target, up in the top here would be good, so try to mark a 999 area code, people will recognize that number and call you from that area.  But what you are doing with these blogs post is also really good, doing a Wayne, Pennsylvania, Hardscaping in Wayne Pennsylvania and then doing these story blog post.  I mean you are really doing a great job with the content marketing and such, but I feel like there’s a lot that could be done on the website and hopefully this video will kind a help to do that.  Just want to google ‘Hardscaping in Wayne Pennsylvania,’ soon pop up, the website does not quite number from the top, it’s in the twenty thousands, I got it set to a hundred it’s, I got it set to show a hundred results and here you are down here you should be a lot higher I would expect for Hardscaping in Wayne Pennsylvania, why are you not?   Let me see if I can figure this out really quick while I am here running the video, I might pause it.  I just got a Mac recently, I don’t know how to use it, I’m trying to do source I don’t know why I can’t do it.  Let me look for title tag and see if you wind up, it’s in here.  For some reason google is not indexing this page as the page for Wayne Pennsylvania, whereas it’s indexing your category page.  I would, personally you have to check your canonical urls and such, make sure that all the urls are pointing back to this exact url.  I forgot how I got here, I came through and I clicked this and you can see up here it’s tagging you, this little symbol.  So now it essentially got two different urls so i think that the fact the it is having two different urls are confusing google.  I think if you cleaned up you urls structure to where you avoided things like this, I’m sure your other blog posts are doing it.  That you would probably rank a lot better, since that way all the entries are going to a particular url, a particular page.  And the other thing I would do too is may be go into some of your other ones and do like, some of your other blog post and just go in there and better link and say to add like “You may also be interested in hyperlink this project from Wayne in Pennsylvania.”   Cause you are on the right track with getting these blog post using the location based keywords. But quite frankly before I made this video I popped your url into some of my SEO tool and they indicated that you are a very strong page rank and very strong search matches.  I guess that’s a vague word for describing it, and by the traffic the customers shown to site that is true, but you should be ranking for relatively easy keywords like Hardscaping and Wayne in Pennsylvania, Hardscaping in Wayne Pennsylvania, however I really think you’ve got some issue going on with the urls, you definitely have an issue, but I’d say it’s an important one.


So, I hope that helps if you have any questions, post it and I will try to help you as much as I can, try to tell you what I can.


Thank you.







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