The bubble room captiva

The Bubble Room Captiva. The End.

Outback, PF Changs, Cheesecake factory (for those mac & cheese balls), those are the typical places I dine.  Call me boring but I don’t venture to alternatives much because well I’m generally let down.  That trend started after I ate at an expensive South Beach Steakhouse packed in with other people so tight that a trip to the bathroom involved a lot of wiggling.  But this weekend my sister was in the hood and was heading to the Bubble Room on Captiva Island for lunch.  Like a could bro, I was joining.  I’d heard about the place before… I think I was lurking on trip advisor and found many good reviews… I’m not really sure but somehow the name was familiar and I knew it was a local place that everyone regarded highly.  So off I went on the long, sloooooow journey to the tip of Captiva to the Bubble Room.

The first thought is different.  It just seems out of place in a location populated by vacationing mid westerners and Germans.  For Captiva Island, which is occupied largely by a relatively high end South Sea’s Resort I tend to expect the restaurants to be an upper end casual.  Not the Bubble Room… well it was, but it wasn’t.  It’s an eclectic place, a house turned into a restaurant that filled with all kinds of relics from the 50s and the Golden area of Hollywood.  On the outside its bright and cheery and kind of reminded me of a fairy tale house, or toy store.  Not particularly my interest but certainly unique.  And while the place doesn’t fit the traditional upper end of casual restaurant, it is in terms of quality of food and price.

This thing comes around at the end of meal but it is clearly the highlight.

Anyhow when you walk in the uniqueness of outside continues.  There’s a bakery of sorts with several awesome looking cakes on your left which clearly says “fuck all” to your diet.  As you walk to your table you see servers bringing an assortment of cakes on a trey to tables ready for desert which instills that  “fuck all” to your diet.  At this point, the rest of the food doesn’t matter, only that cake trey that you know will be coming around.

The table I was seated at, along with all the others was filled with all kinds of little knick knacks, mostly small toys that would pique the interest of my parents, now in their 60s.  Beyond your tablesight view is a ton of further trinkets to grab your attention and depending on where you are seated even, maybe even an aquarium built into wall complete with ornaments of 10,000 leagues under the sea.  The best way I can explain it all is to imagine an antique toy collector took everything out of his storage unit (s), dumped it into a house, and turned it into a restaurant (a good restaurant of course).

Mango Tango Description Smack Dab In The Middle.

We skipped the appetizers, because of the cake.   There was no way in hell we could’ve ate the cake after appetizer.  Like it just wouldn’t have fit.  Straight to the lunch entree’s, and I got a chicken burger… I know that sounds basic but there was more to it that than.  It had some mango and avocado and I think even some ham.  It was a very awesome burger.  I’ll just find the menu online and post a picture with the proper description.

The drink menu, the drink menu for adults, had 8 speciality drinks, all made from real fruit but 2 of them were ‘out’.  I ended up with a Pink Flamingo, which was a concoction of rum, strawberry, and banana.  We can all agree though, that Pink Flamingo sounds like something else (haha).  It was tasty, and we down easily at a cost of 8 bucks.  BTW my chicken burger was about $15.

Once the burger was down, and it was expedited to my stomach so I could get to the cake, the cake tray came around.  The pic should be be self explanatory.  I went with something chocolate and my sis went with a secret cake, not the menu, or the tray, which is an ice cream cake with an Oreo crust and Butterfinger in the ice cream.  Talk a bout a foodgasm.  It was rad.  The slices are big too.  Practically speaking its 2 people to a slice.  But if you have 3 ppl you definitely need 2 slices — don’t skimp.

In restaurant reviews, everyone likes to talk about the service… and well I will too.  I’m not really that picky,I don’t need a blow job with the meal.  All you gotta do is feed me quickly and be decently attentive.  At the Bubble Room checks off the box here.

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