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Taking My Hands Off… Websites – It’s long Overdue.

My career as an entrepreneur was first started with an ecommerce business.  After I got my first website launched, I found out the hard way, the sales don’t “just happen”.  So then I turned to internet marketing, learning how to get traffic and turn them into customers.  When I started the construction / home service company a few years ago, I naturally set up an awesome website built on WordPress and fine-tuned the gears of our internet marketing plan.  Today, although no longer the single marketing source, the website gets hundreds of visitors per day, many of whom will go on to become customers.  Even as the company has gone from 2 man band, to something much much bigger, I still oversee website and all of its design / functionality required.    I believe strongly that the website needs:

  • Needs to be up 100% of the time.
  • To have flawless design.
  • To have flawless User Interface.
  • Updated regularly.

Pulling those all off, simultaneously, is a struggle.  A struggle that causes many headaches.  Websites, WordPress in particular, is vulnerable to hacking, malware, and auto-updates, all which can shut it down or create major errors.  If the website gets a virus in the middle of the day, which has happened more than once, I need to stop everything I’m doing and get it sorted out.  In other cases, developers working on the website can cause errors or just plain screw it up to the point of uselessness.  Once we even had the hosting account shut us down because we exceeded our sever capacity (there were more than just the one site on the server).  Although we were quick to sort it out on our end, it took the host a few days to reinstate our account, and as such I basically had to migrate servers on the fly.

Design and development work on the site.  That’s a headache.  Notice the use of the word “flawless” earlier in the article.  My design needs to be flawless.  If it has functions to the user, it needs to be flawless.  And you don’t get flawless without high coding standards.  Most developers can’t meet the standards I need, so I need to churn through many developers, just to get things right.  All this needs be off the live site, and out of view from my customers, so I must frequently migrate the site to a development server.  It’s a pain, probably the most remedial task I have right now is migrating my website for development.  However, there’s no one I trust with admin access to the live site.

It’s time for all that to come to an end.  I need to get back my hours so I can focus on growth, not making copies of a website and critiquing shitty development.  The website needs a manager, someone who can look after it as I do, and make decisions for it like I do.  It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.  My plan is to hire a Virtual Assistant with WordPress experience, and then slowly teach them my ways, and build them up to my standards.  In the end, they will be responsible for all the maintenance tasks of the site.  For larger scale development or design projects, they will responsible for delegating those to those tasks to other developers and supervising them.  I’m also going to work on finding excellent developers that can be relied on for services which you see in this post: The Great Freelance WordPress Developer Search. 

Founder of a home service / specialty trade contracting company (think patio’s and deck) with a focus on customer experience. Quantitative investor. Data driven marketer. Runner.

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