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Quest For An Excellent Freelancer WordPress Developer: Part 3

It all began with the realization that I year after year I had spent too much time working on websites.  So I started a search to find an awesome Freelance WordPress Developer to get things done!

In part 1, I discuss my envy of all the pat Flynn’s of the world and how they have awesome developers working for them at very good rates.  I outline my process (including job posts) and assessment to find a developer.

In Part 2, I had some flops, and revised my assessment project in this epic quest to find a WordPress developer who can take over a my company website and other web projects for me.

Anyways this now part 3, I’ve now got 4 candidates remaining who’ve been assigned the following task in WordPress.

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Here’s where true colors would show.  I was looking for someone who could complete the tasks with little involvement from me.  To clarify further, let me explain what I wanted to avoid; I wanted to avoid developers who would give me a project that was poorly tested, and then waiting for me to tell them point by point what needed to fixed.  That is really frustrating.  I need things delivered right the first go around

Rather than explain everything point by point and use screen shots, I decided to make a video discussing the hires, and the outcomes (video transcription below).  Check it out!  I ultimately settled on working with a gentlemen from the Philippines (Jhunmil), whom I felt displayed the best attention to detail, and seemed the most responsive, at a rate of $6/hr.

Whats Next?

As of writing this, Jhunmil and I,  have been working together for about 2 weeks.  So far its been happy a romance.  In a future post I plan to discuss some of the projects / tasks I’ve had him undertake,


Hey everyone, I wanted to go through and discuss the outcome of this assessment, for you know, finding a virtual system to do WordPress development 00:10 I figured it’d be a lot easier to verbalize it and show with video than it would be to try and type something up and put in a bunch of screenshots, where things wouldn’t be immediately clear. So, let’s get into it.

Besides for the first guy I mentioned in another post on freelancer, where I’d hired him and he asked for 100 dollars to be sent via Western Union, and he did nothing. These are the 4 people that I 00:36 they’ve all got good feedback, you can see that, the lowest being 7 thousand dollars earned and they all have pretty high job success results here. They’re all 00:47 from India, Bangladesh India, and the Philippines which is you know, where you’d expect to find a developer at these rates. And where most virtual systems are from. So, they all got started off with the same project which you’ve probably already seen if you’re following this post. They needed to put this little notification bar up at the top of the website, it was nothing there, so this would be, the website would end right where my curser is now. So, I needed to put this in and it had PSDs, they needed to make it responsive and just overall look good. So, that it would be used and engaging. Next up 01:23 contact form, they kinda outline the contact form with the fields, then I also outlined what it must arrange to in responsive, and then I also told them to stylize it. So, you can see the directions here, the contact form needs to be designed to match the website nicely and be visually engaging to the user. So, two tasks, I’ve done these myself and I know that I, it can be done in less than 5 hours, I can do this in a couple hours, like 2 hours, considering that I’ve already done it. If I didn’t know how to do it, it would probably take me around 5 hours and I’m not really a developer, I’ve kinda learned development over time as a result of running websites. So, I can do it, but I would not call myself a developer, I would not try to hire myself out, and do these development tasks myself. So, I have an idea of how long it should take and what the results should be. So, now let’s go through here and see what we’ve got done. The first one was from 02:22, he worked on this domain right here. Everything looks pretty nice on his, he did everything right, everything looks good up here, when you switch it to responsive, it looks good there. Let’s flip it to a responsive version and you’ll see, as we go through it, it’s all working, it’s all going well. Right on down to the smallest 02:49 which is what it shoulda done, right around there it’s gonna switch to a tablet view and then keep expanding on up. I thought it was pretty nicely done and let’s see the contact form which woulda went on this page right here. Here is the contact form, you know, you can tell he put some effort into it and colored it and tried to get it to match the site. Not the best, I mean, not something that I’d really want to set loose on, but he’s at least got an understanding of what to do, and making it happen and puts in an effort. You know, I can direct more on what these things need to look like as he works with me, you know this person would understand what I’m looking for. When it comes to responsive, everything went well in responsive, so he’s got the stack order right, first name, last name. So, everything worked well on his. And I’ll kinda give you the heads up, he’s the person I chose to work with. The next person we had was Amir. Amir had a lot of good feedback, including some Tim Farris in his portfolio. Let’s go through there and see. Now, 04:04 there’s Tim Farris’ site. 04:07 did some work for Tim Farris, whether or not that’s true or not, I don’t know, but it’s certainly nice to have Tim Farris in your portfolio right there. So, I tried him, 10 bucks an hour, he was the person I originally hired and we 04:22 given him the original assessment, which had a bug in it. No more bug in this, the bug 04:28 too complex and he needed my guidance and coaching. I needed to tell which file it was in, which is kinda to be expected, I mean it was very difficult to trouble shoot, so, he did that, and did complete it and then we also gave him these tasks and here’s his. Now, first thing, immediately noticeable, is up here in the header, he’s got the little arrow, not in the right place, so 04:51 Amir, or excuse me 04:56 put it right there where it should be, his is not doing so well there. And when you switch it to responsive, things get even more complicated. So, 05:08 see down here, 05:11 switch over there, 05:13 here as you get into the responsive versions, it doesn’t really work out with that little arrow and then as you keep going narrower, I’m getting into what is mobile, then it does this, which it shouldn’t do any of this stuff at all. So, you know, kinda poor execution and you know, that type of thing shoulda been caught and fixed before delivery to me. His contact form is right here, it’s ok, again doesn’t look good but that’s something that can be you know, fixed. But then once you start switching this thing to mobile, I think we’ll see that the contact 05:54 contact form looks good in mobile too, so not bad. All things considering, you know this wasn’t too good, I didn’t like this. This is something that should obviously be caught, before it you know 06:07 my attention, and something I’d expect a WordPress developer to do, on their own without my involvement. So, I didn’t like that I had to do this, he also took a little bit of time, you know, quite a bit of time, seemed like he had a lot of other projects going on. So, this one was kinda shuffled on the back burner, so communication, punctuality, just didn’t feel up to par there. So, I wouldn’t, wouldn’t work with him for this type of project. 06:31 have some development skills. Next up is 06:39 the lowest price of all of them. A lot of good feedback, let’s see what he’s done. One thing to notice is that his is kinda out of center, and this where I get in to you know, attention to detail so, this whole, the two white, I guess text boxes, are more aligned to the right. If we look at what they are over here, 07:03 center, there it shifts to the right. And he also kinda chopped off a little bit of the PSD here when it was fitting in. So not too good at implementation there, but right here, it’s looking good in mobile. 07:17 pull this over on my screen. And then here’s where it has problems in the tablet version, it’s just kinda cutting it all off so, poor implementation with the responsive version of this. And then you can see it just kinda sticks there. But again, that’s getting what you pay for, absolute low dollar, you’re gonna get this type of work. His contact form, he put a little bit of effort into it, you know I don’t really like the way it looks but I don’t like the look on any of em. When it comes to responsive, let’s see how his contact form is. It does work in responsive so, not bad, but you know I guess, kinda not something I wanna work with. There’s also an issue with the header, look at that. This header doesn’t, it should go up there, or be sticky. But it’s not staying in place. So, you know, cheap development work is gonna get you cheap results. Obviously being the lowest cost, that’s what I got here. So, you know, he’s got some good WordPress skills but not somebody I’d rely on to do you know, high level word press development. And, 08:38 go on the final freelancer was 08:39. Now, 08:42 had some good feedback and I’ll tell you up front, that he did pretty good work. The only thing was his communication was poor. Poorer than 08:50 I mean he could communicate directly one on one, but I didn’t feel like I was a priority, I was shuffled back, he had a lot going on. And that’s just not something that I wanna work with. I needed somebody that could really prioritize my stuff and keep these projects rolling. So, his header implementation was rather flawless, possibly the best implementation from the header I’ve seen, all the way down to responsive, just keeps working. So, pretty good on the header, the contact form again wasn’t bad. There’s the contact form, not stylized as well, but I’m sure he could probably do it. And then we go responsive, it goes down to responsive so, it works. The fields could be adjusted, overall not a bad implementation of it, but, his communication or lack of, you know just kinda seemed like a problem. I mean he could communicate effectively, but he just wasn’t quick to get things done, and I think that he is a part of an agency, so when you’re kind of looking at it, you can see it in here, yeah he’s associated with an agency, so I don’t think it was actually one person doing the work, behind the scenes. Seems like there was other people going behind the scenes and that just wasn’t what I was looking for. That said, I would consider working with him or his company again in the future, you know based on the development work that I 10:29. But as an ongoing virtual assistant developer type of person, he isn’t someone that I wanted to work with. So, I ultimately decided on working with 10:41, the freelancer from the Philippines, he was really communicative, he did everything with very little feedback from me 10:52 did it all pretty well, you know he’s also got experience as a front-end developer which is good, so he understands a little bit more of the marketing aspect of things. And you know, I plan on working with him a lot in the future and I think he’s got a lot of potential. So, that’s what we got, and I hope that kinda helps you in your process of finding and hiring a developer or virtual assistant. Thank you

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