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Costa Rica & Dirt Bikes: My Riding Trip WIth Costa Rica Unlimited

I love dirt bikes.  I love Costa Rica.  When I found out about a tour company doing dirt bike tours there, I decided it was on!  I was doing it, no matter the cost.  So I gave them a buzz and started making arrangements.  Their tours are predominantly intended to be used as a tour with a group of 4 or more riders, but getting 4 people on the same wave length, at the same time, who could afford the trip was not an option.  So the guys that operate the tour, Terry Beal & Chris Killbride, told me about a tour with Ronnie Renner the first week of April 2017.  I was a sold.  It was $3,000 for 5 nights and 4 days of riding.  It included lunch and breakfast, bikes, accommodations at their compound, gear cleaning, pick up from the airport in San Jose Costa Rica, and some cookies.

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